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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a catalogue, price list or brochures for your items?

We don’t currently print a catalogue of all of our items because we are continually launching new items. Our website is a great resource to gather information on the items we offer. If sales and marketing materials are needed, please contact our sales offices, or write us at Taste of Nature, Inc. 2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90405. You can also email us.

Can I purchase your products in a nearby store?

Email us your contact information and which items you are interested in and we will try to find the closest store. If there isn’t a store nearby, we’d be happy to try to personally assist you with the inquiry.

I want to purchase Taste of Nature, Inc.’s products for my store or for my wholesale business. Who do I contact?

For further information, please Contact Us

Can I order directly from Taste of Nature, Inc.?

If you want to order candy online, please visit our new online candy store at CandyASAP.com. For wholesale and inquiries Contact Us here.

Are any of the candies considered kosher?

Some of our products are kosher, such as Cookie Dough Bites and Cotton Candy. For further information, please Contact Us.

Do your products contain gluten?

Many of our products gluten free; however, our products are often run on production lines with other items that may contain traces. The production lines are cleaned thoroughly between item runs to help reduce the occurrence for cross-contamination. Please contact us with questions on a specific item if you are unsure if gluten is a direct ingredient.

What kind of gelatin is found in your gummies?

Our gummies contain pork and/or beef based gelatin.

Do your products have nuts/nut traces in them?

Our Cotton Candy products have no nuts or nut traces. All other items (except for Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites which has peanuts as an ingredient) do not directly contain nuts but are run on production lines that may contain traces. Therefore we apply allergen information on our products. Note, however, that our lines are cleaned thoroughly between item runs to help reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

Do you have allergen information on your products?

Yes, as it pertains to each package. We list all known allergens on all product packaging.

What is the shelf life of Taste of Nature, Inc.’s products?

Most of Taste of Nature, Inc.’s products have a shelf life of 24 months or more. However, items such as Cotton Candy and Fruit Snacks generally have shelf lives of approximately 12 months. Many of our hard candies have a shelf life of longer than 24 months, sometimes several years or more.

Can I bake the Cookie Dough Bites?

The specific formulation for our Cookie Dough Bites does not allow for it to be baked. Our recipe is specifically designed to be a candy, not a baked good.

Do you export product to other countries?

The best way to attain our products for overseas uses is to contact our sales office to discuss export logistics. We can offer FOB pricing and all necessary export documentation. Please contact us.

Can I put together a promotion involving your products?

We put together a number of promotions for our candy and snacks each year. Contact our sales office and let us know what you are planning to do. We will try to work with you to provide a successful promotion!

How do I make a comment or suggestion about one of your items?

We welcome your comments and suggestions. You can email us here or write us at Taste of Nature, Inc., 2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Suite A, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

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